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Dave & Carly ~ Married May 18, 2013. | Fiddle Lake Farm
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Dave & Carly ~ Married May 18, 2013.

We celebrated our first wedding with Philadelphia couple Carly & Dave in May. They are very special to us since they were the first to ever visit the farm in search of their perfect wedding venue. Like you never forget your first love, we’ll never forget Carly & Dave and our first wedding.


Preparations included a breakfast and bonding at the farmhouse for the girls….


The weather cooperated and it was a beautiful early spring day. Perfect for a ceremony in the field.





Flowers were gathered from the road side the night before…. Craig and crew constructed the birch tree arch which is now a legacy to be enjoyed by all.

What a wonderful feeling to see all the hard work and preparations on the barn being enjoyed by their guests. The couple truly transformed the space into an elegant country affair. Here are a few memories from their special day……









Maple syrup favors displayed in our Grandma’s Kitchen jelly cabinet.



In the spirit of country events, they chose to serve pie instead of cake. Relatives were happy to bring their blue ribbon best the party.





Our saloon bar with the sign from the restaurant where Carly & Dave first met. This is what I’m longing to see most – how each couple transforms the barn into their own personal and meaningful space.DaveandCarly_12


The groom’s brother really enjoyed the music groove and the home brew.

First dance this floor has seen in 200 years! Bride & Groom sported blue shoes to make sure they stayed in step.



The party went into the night with lantern wishes and bonfire somores.





The ending to a perfect day and the beginning of many more! Good night & Best Wishes, Carly & Dave!


These pictures and more can be seen on Lalee Photography and Peter M. Feinzig Photography.